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Jesus saves. 
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Half the people that look at this will find it funny. I did.
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I didnt

12/26/2003 8:06:03 AM

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pretty funny shit.

12/26/2003 8:08:00 AM

374 Photos

Not funny.

12/26/2003 9:46:06 AM

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I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to agree with Troux on this one... not all that funny!! sorry bud! ;)

12/27/2003 3:26:18 AM

4 Photos

I was thinking of posting this myself.. just to see if the 50% rule is true. So far we've got 3:2.

12/27/2003 3:37:17 AM

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12/27/2003 3:39:33 AM

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Schaboinken: whats with your 3>2 post
Schaboinken: it serves no purpose
CBonnerM: I know.
CBonnerM: I was kinda happy to leave a spec of worthlessness.

12/27/2003 3:46:54 AM

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I'm not sure if it will work to the 50% rule, not everyone that sees it and finds if funny will say they did, and vice versa.

12/27/2003 3:58:29 AM

374 Photos

(By the way, CBonnerM is me!)

12/27/2003 3:59:21 AM

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"Jesus saves souls- which he later redeems for valuable prizes!"

1/5/2004 9:29:20 PM

43 Photos

haha it is funny

2/16/2004 8:57:54 AM

2 Photos

See you all in hell .... from heaven.

2/16/2004 2:44:40 PM

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i got a good laugh. jesus is my homeboy.

2/16/2004 3:11:16 PM

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