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This is why people who can afford Hummers should actually get a REAL Hummer (Hum V)- not a gay ass H2... man they piss me off...

8/12/2004 4:20:19 AM

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Would I take one if it was given to me? Definetly, who honestly wouldn't? But I would rather have an H1

8/12/2004 4:30:27 AM

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i'd prefer to not go to the gas station every two days........but um......i'd consider driving one of those bad boys off-base n giving it a black paint job ;)

8/12/2004 4:53:23 AM

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i drive military hum-v's all the time. i could probably run through trees in that thing

8/12/2004 5:35:23 AM

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I love hummers, hummuh hummuh hummuh

8/12/2004 5:52:38 AM

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ownage by the 3500 turbo desil... dodges kick ass. they will fuck an H2 up in no time.

8/12/2004 6:04:03 AM

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Im down for girls giving hummers too...

8/12/2004 1:56:31 PM

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haha..i never liked hummers.

12/3/2005 6:19:08 PM

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Those things are built out of the same steel as any other vehicle.

12/3/2005 6:43:35 PM

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^ I have driven the military version of the Hummer and the only thing that makes it special is when it's equiped with armor.

12/3/2005 10:54:19 PM

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^ Have you actually driven the military version of the H1? It is heavier and can handle rougher terrain than the H2 but when it gets hit it will get just as fucked up. Test out one for yourself before you offer an opinion on it.

12/3/2005 11:10:50 PM

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^ I didn't even look at your age and it doesn't matter to me. I have been trained on the H1 by the military. I do think the H2 is a cheap piece of shit over the H1 but all vehicle get fucked up in accidents. I have heard that some people buy the H1 because they think they are tanks.

The H1 does drive nice.

[Edited by tim31 on 12/3/2005 6:21:59 PM. Reason for edit: edit]

12/3/2005 11:21:30 PM

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^ not to start shit , but the frame is a rework of the tahoe or suburban, i think an avalanche frame would have handeled much better in an accident. nice find tho

[Edited by navarachi on 12/4/2005 7:27:07 PM. Reason for edit: .]

12/5/2005 12:09:58 AM

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If you were a man like me and drove the power wheels H2 and crashed it into a barbie'll see that the H2 is crash test approved

12/5/2005 1:45:52 PM

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I don't know? The H2 was up against an F350 and it only tore up the engine portion, the shell held up well.

12/10/2005 1:07:20 AM

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You know, cars are designed to crunch up like that so as to prevent fires and have less impact on the people inside the car.

Only the H2 crunched up a LOT more than it should have.

12/16/2005 2:47:05 PM

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